Springs are indispensable in industry

Springs form an indispensable link in practical realization of many industrial technologies. You find springs in applications for electrical engineering, filtration technology, plastic processing and metalworking. Manufacturers for the interior construction and furniture production sectors also use many different types of springs.

You can always rely on Hermans Verenfabriek for any type of spring. Of course we have our extensive stock of standard springs, but industrial springs often have to be custom made. And we can do that for you!

Refine your machine construction with custom springs

Are you building machines for industrial production lines, e.g. for packaging companies, bakeries and slaughterhouses? If so, you certainly cannot do it without the right springs for the job. They ensure movement and flexibility in the machines you build. Consult us about producing custom springs for you, e.g.leaf springs , compression springs , torsion springs or extension springs .

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