If you are looking for buffer springs, it is important to contact Hermans Verenfabriek for specific information on their range, prices, and any modifications to suit the requirements of your application.

Buffer springs are often used in various industries, such as automotive, machinery, and other applications where shock absorption is essential. Hermans Verenfabriek may be able to supply customised buffer springs to meet your specific needs.

Contact Hermans Verenfabriek for more details about their products and services. Be sure to discuss all relevant specifications and requirements for your application so that we can provide you with the right solutions.

Additional information

Buffer springs, also known as impact springs, are spring elements used to absorb and dampen shock and impact in industrial applications. They serve as a kind of shock absorber to reduce the impact of a force or movement. These springs are often used in various industries where there are moving parts, machines, vehicles or systems exposed to external forces.

The characteristic of a buffer spring considered "progressive" means that the spring progression increases as the spring is compressed more. In other words, the resistance of the spring increases as it is compressed more. This contrasts with a linear spring, where the force increases in a constant ratio to the displacement.

The progressive characteristic is usually achieved by the design of the spring, using, for example, variations in pitch or coil diameter. This design ensures that the spring responds differentially to different compression levels.

What are the characteristics of buffer springs

  1. Shock absorption: Buffer springs help absorb energy released by shock and vibration, minimising damage to machinery or equipment.
  2. Safety: They contribute to the safety of machinery and personnel by reducing impact forces, especially in situations involving rapid stops, starts or sudden movements.
  3. Automotive: In the automotive industry, buffer springs are often used as part of the suspension to absorb shocks from uneven roads.
  4. Industrial machinery: Buffer springs are used in various industrial machines where it is necessary to control shock and vibration, such as in conveyors, presses, and forklifts.
  5. Railways: They are used in the railway system to reduce shock and vibration and absorb the impact of stopping trains.
  6. Aerospace: Buffer springs are used in the aerospace industry to minimise the impact during landings.
  7. Buffer springs come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the specific requirements of the application. They are usually manufactured from steel, depending on the required properties and environmental conditions. It is important to choose the right buffer springs based on the nature of the impact and the specific needs of the application.

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