What is a retaining ring?

A retaining ring, cylindrically coiled torsion spring or spring washer is made of round or square spring wire. You can see a cylindrically coiled torsion spring as a kind of clip that you can use to secure mechanical parts due to its design and mechanical properties.

What are applications for retaining rings?

Retaining rings are used to secure bearings on an axle or in a bearing chamber. In addition, split pins are inserted into an axle through a retaining ring to prevent bolted constructions from loosening or the shaft releasing from its mounting. And last but not least, there are many retaining rings, spring clips or spring washers made for clamping hose or duct ends, e.g. applications with flexible ventilation ducts.

Are you a machine builder? If so, the resilient properties of our retaining rings, cylindrically coiled torsion springs or spring washers can offer suitable solutions for securing or clamping mechanical parts. This solution is often simple and efficient. In addition, they offer a low cost price, small installation dimensions, a wide range of applications and extensive choice of materials. This allows you to use them in a surprising number of applications.

How do we make your retaining rings?

We use spring steel for our retaining rings, which we transform to the correct shape on coil winding machines. Usually we use bright spring steel (1.1200) and stainless spring steel (1.4310). But we can also use phosphor bronze (2.1020 / CuSn6) and other materials to produce retaining rings.

We usually make retaining rings, cylindrically coiled torsion springs or spring washers from round spring wire, but we can also cut them out of the plate. Circlips are a good example of this.

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