What is a die spring?

A die spring is specially developed as a standardized compression spring for absorbing heavy loads. The standard and the production facility of die springs are crucial, particularly because different manufacturers use different colour codes.

Wat zijn de toepassingen van stempelveren?What are applications for die springs?

Die springs are used in the die housings of, machine tools such as punching and bending devices. The springs are housed in a confined space. They must absorb a high cyclic load at relatively high frequency. Die springs must be capable of withstanding heavy blows and must last a long time.

Use as a kind of compression spring is another application of die springs. Here too, powerful forces, high frequency and a confined installation space play their roles.

How do we make your die springs?

Die springs are subject to standards and must always be made in chromium vanadium 50CrV4 steel alloy.

Their colour coding relates to the code followed during their production. The most common are those complying with European standard ISO 10243: 2010. /p>

There are different load capacity classes with corresponding colour coding. We make die springs with uniform lengths and diameters so that you can swap them with different classifications. We ensure that all the spring diameters match the indicated pin and hole diameters. The lengths, diameters, capacities and colours also comply with ISO 10243.

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