Standard springs

You will find the right springs for your application quickly in our extensive range of standard springs. We keep a considerable stock of all our standard springs. You simply need to communicate the correct product number and quantity and we will make sure that we deliver your order of standard springs quickly and correctly.

Below, you will find details about the most important types in our standard spring range.

Standard die springs ISO 10243

You can order die springs from us in 4 strength classes: light load (green), medium (blue), heavy (red) and extra heavy load (yellow), all according to the ISO 10243 standard. Ideal for clutches, valves, punching and bending tools, or for fitting in places where space is limited. All our die springs are made of chrome vanadium (S0CrVa). To guarantee a long life, we apply a range of processes, including heat treatment and shot blasting (provides greater resistance to deformation and metal fatigue). Shop

Standard compression springs in lengths

We have 1-metre lengths of standard compression springs in stock. This handy format allows you to cut pieces to your required lengths. The springs are not squared. At Hermans Verenfabriek, we produce all our compression springs in-house. That means we are always in a position to maintain our stock of standard compression springs. And that assures a buffer stock of compression springs for you. Download PDF


Standard compression springs DIN 2089-1

Are you looking for standard springs made of spring steel and stainless steel according to DIN 2089-1? We stock these as standard. These compression springs are right-wound and squared. We grind them starting from 1 mm. If you have your desired dimensions and forces at hand, you can order your standard compression springs directly from our range.

Standard extension springs DIN 2089-2

Do you need standard extension springs according to DIN 2089-2 and made of spring steel and stainless steel? We stock these as standard. As a designer or technician, you only have to choose the required dimensions and forces, and you can immediately choose the right standard extension spring. All our standard extension springs are right-wound and equipped with 2 closed eyes (full German loops) - the position of the eyes is random. The springs are rotated with normal pretension, and the windings are nicely compact against each other.

Standard extension springs in lengths

Hermans Verenfabriek offers standard extension springs in 1-metre lengths. This handy format allows you to cut pieces to your required lengths. The springs are right wound and the windings sit nicely against each other. They come without eyes. Do you need to order a large volume of standard extension springs today? Don't worry, our extensive stock allows us to deliver extremely fast, so that your production continuity is guaranteed. Shop

Standard torsion springs ISO 2088

Our standard torsion springs made from stainless steel comply to DIN 2088. Simply choose the dimension and force you need for your torsion springs and order them immediately from our stock. We make the torsion springs in both left and right-wound versions. We always supply these torsion springs with straight legs. At Hermans Verenfabriek, we produce all our torsion springs in-house. And that means we always have a large volume of standard torsion springs in stock.

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