What is a composite spring?

A composite spring is a combination of parts attached to each other using different bonding techniques. One can see it as a composition or module comprising springs, wire products, bending parts and metal ware.

What are suitable applications for composite springs?

We see composite springs used in the most diverse range of applications. Consider bicycles, cars and trains, for a start. You see them in machines for baked goods and pharmaceuticals too. And you will find composite springs used in systems for things as diverse as agrotechnology and shop fitting.

How do we make your composite springs?

Our knowledge, skills and machines allow us to handle the various parts of your form springs, e.g. riveting, soldering, welding and spot welding. And we can handle mechanically assembled units, e.g. parts joined with bolt-nut connections, which allow disassembly and adjustments to the construction.

We combine a number of different materials to make a composite spring. We finish the unit with a surface treatment, for example electrolytic polishing, powder-coat or another type of coating.

At Hermans Verenfabriek, we are happy to produce a prototype of the composite product that you have in mind.

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