What is a leaf spring?

At Hermans Verenfabriek, you will find all sorts of leaf springs, and in every format. As a matter of interest, did you know that the leaf spring principle was used as early as the Middle Ages? Even so far back in our history, there were people who built machines and some used this type of spring. It is thus one of the oldest variants of a mechanical spring based on the principle of bending. The characteristic of a leaf spring is that it is made of spring steel strip. We use small machine tools, bending machines, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines or tracking dies to create the final shape.

What are the applications for leaf springs?

Leaf springs are used on many vehicles. But leaf springs can also come in much smaller sizes, in different formats and for a variety of applications. They then function as flexure hinges or in-line guides in precision mechanisms.

The extensive variety means that leaf springs are used in many sectors. Examples include the automotive, machine building, aviation, household appliance and precision mechanics sectors, and more.

Leaf springs are also used as an accessory clamp, battery spring or as clamping mechanisms for spotlights and ventilation systems.

Our in-house machine tools department develops all the toolings required to produce these leaf springs.

Which leaf spring formats do we make?

We produce leaf springs from 0.20 mm to 3 mm thick from strip or plate material.

You can choose from a wide range of materials

  • Stainless spring steel (1.4310)
  • Non-alloy, C75 (1.1248) spring steel strip
  • Copper alloys such as phosphor bronze (2.1020 / CuSn6), brass (2.0321 / CuZn37) and beryllium copper (2.1247 / BeCu)
  • And we can handle more unusual materials too. Simply ask us!

Our leaf springs owe their resilient properties to transformation of the base material followed by a thermal treatment. We produce all formats, thanks to our ultramodern machines and production methods. Techniques including laser processes, folding on bending machines, punching and folding with special toolings hold no secrets from us. We develop and produce all our tools in-house.

What quantities and sizes of leaf springs can you order?

We produce both short and long runs and of leaf springs, mostly made of strip or plate materials.

But we are also happy to make a prototype leaf spring for you.

What if you need a long or large leaf spring? We fine tune the ratio in thickness and width of the material and the design to match your required resilience.

Ask us for advice

Let us help you develop your leaf springs right from the start. With minimal modification, we might be able to make your leaf spring cheaper without loss of functionality. And that means you can work in the most budget-friendly way possible.

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