What is a torsion spring?

A torsion spring carries a rotating movement back to the original position or exerts a clamping force through a rotating movement. Torsion springs are occasionally referred to as twist springs.

Torsion springs often have complicated geometry. We advise you to discuss the form thoroughly with us beforehand, so that we can easily reproduce the torsion springs you need.

What are suitable applications for torsion springs?

Do you realize that you have probably already encountered a torsion spring today? It is very likely, because there is a torsion spring in a door handle. In fact they are also in letterbox flaps, spotlight clamps, perforators, automatic pliers, garage doors, rotary arms in car washes, the list goes on.

How do we make your torsion springs?

We make single-wound and double- wound torsion springs from round or square wire, ranging from 0.3 mm to 14 mm thickness, using CNC-controlled wire bending and coil winding machines. This systems offer the benefit that we can easily reproduce previously made torsion springs and torsion brackets, e.g when you need a repeat order.

Do you want torsion springs made of thicker wire? We can handle that too. Our bending machines can handle up to 25 mm.

Contact The material we use for our torsion springs is spring stainless steel (1.4310) or bright spring steel (1.1200). Do you want zinc coating on the material? Contact us for more information

We will calculate the load on your torsion springs for static or dynamic applications. We adhere to the DIN standard for the tolerances. You can obtain a material analysis certificate on request.

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