What is a compression spring?

At Hermans Verenfabriek we manufacture all sorts of compression springs. Why? We are happy to do so, because it is like music to our ears. And sometimes, it is literally that. Do you know that the valves on all brass wind instruments have compression springs? It is just one example of the infinite range of applications for compression springs. Compression springs are helical with space between the coil windings when the spring is free of any load.

What are applications for compression springs?

From a ballpoint pen to a push button on a switch, compression springs are everywhere. You find them in mechanical push buttons, the perforator on your desk, all sorts of battery contacts, protective springs, anti-buckling springs, springboards in gyms, automatic shut-off safety valves and of course in just about every machine possible.

Which compression spring formats do we make?

The principle purpose of compression springs is that they always move rectilinearly. We make them in all kinds of shapes, for example cylindrical, conical or double-conical versions.

All our compression springs comply with DIN and ISO standards.

You can choose the dimensions, i.e. the spring body diameter, its length and the number of windings.

How strong do your compression springs need to be?

We calculate the load for static or dynamic applications. Our tolerances for compression springs comply with DIN 2095. To check performance, we carry out load tests and a statistical process control (SPC). You can obtain a material analysis certificate on request.

Compression springs are usually made from a certain quality spring steel, for example 1.1200, SH - EN 10270-1 (bright spring steel) and 1.4310 (stainless spring steel). And we can use other materials too.

In addition to those, we often with the following materials:

  • Inox 302 - 1.4310
  • Inox 316 - 1.4401
  • Inox 631 - 1.4568
  • SH - EN 10270-1

We also have a large stock of pre-galvanized material.

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