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Parabolic springs are a specific type of spring often used in the automotive industry, especially in the suspension of vehicles such as trucks and buses.

Parabolic springs have the shape of a parabola, which means that the spring progression is not linear. Unlike conventional leaf springs, which consist of multiple layers, parabolic springs have a single layer that forms a parabolic arc. These springs offer benefits such as a smoother ride and improved stability, especially under heavy loads.

If you are looking for parabolic springs, it is wise to contact us directly for specific information on our range. You can ask about parabolic springs availability, material options, any customisation options to suit your specific requirements and, of course, prices. Contact Hermans Springs Factory to have a detailed discussion about your needs and to ensure you get the right parabolic springs for your application. They can also provide you with technical advice and any other information you may need.

What are the characteristics of Parabolic Springs
  1. Parabolic Shape: The most prominent feature is the parabolic shape of the spring blades. Unlike traditional linear leaf springs, parabolic springs have a single arched layer that takes the shape of a parabola.
  2. Variable Stiffness: Parabolic springs have variable stiffness along their length. This means that different parts of the spring can apply different amounts of force, which is useful when dealing with different loads and shocks.
  3. Smooth Ride: Due to their parabolic shape, these springs offer a smoother ride and better shock absorption compared to linear leaf springs. This helps improve vehicle ride comfort.
  4. Weight Saving: Parabolic springs can be lighter in weight than traditional leaf springs, which can contribute to overall vehicle weight saving.
  5. Suitable for Heavy Loads: They are often used in vehicles that need to carry heavy loads, such as trucks and buses, due to their ability to effectively handle high loads.
  6. Space-saving: Parabolic springs can be space-saving because of their design, making them useful in situations where limited space is available.
  7. Long Service Life: Due to their robust construction and ability to distribute loads, parabolic springs generally have a longer service life than some other spring systems.

It is important to note that specific features may vary based on the design, dimensions and material used. If interested in parabolic springs, it is advisable to contact Hermans Verenfabriek directly for detailed information on their specific products.

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