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Item code: HV-31173 Category: Default compression spring

From 10 pieces €6.74
From 25 pieces €5.93
From 50 pieces €4.19
From 75 pieces €3.92
From 100 pieces €3.71
  • Material:

    SH EN10270-1

  • Wire (d):

    5.00 mm

  • Outer diameter (De):

    37.00 mm

  • Free length (TL):

    75.00 mm

  • Useful turns (NW):


  • Price:


  • Extra information

    Binnendiameter DI (mm)=27 Gemiddelde diameter DM (mm)=32 Nuttige windingen n=5,5 Veerconstante (kracht/mm indrukking) N/mm=35,329 Tolerantie +/- DE (mm)=0,5 Tolerantie +/- L0 (mm)=1,42 As Dd (mm)=26 Bus Dh (mm)=38,5 Fn (N)=1167,98 Ln (mm)=41,94

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